Tree Removal and Maintenance

With over 15 years of experience, we know how to remove various types of trees safely and correctly. We are familiar with the characteristics of many tree species and utilise this knowledge to perform tree removal in the safest and most effective manner possible. In addition, we provide tree root removal services.

We specialise in tree removal, tree stump grinding, tree lopping, and power line clearance, among other expert tree services. We can also provide mulch and prune your trees for you. We’re available seven days a week, as well as for after-hours and emergency calls. Tree Power Pro is a completely insured and professional company. We provide you with great and dependable service.

If tree removal is the only realistic choice for you, you’ll need a skilled team of tree surgeons like Tree Power Pro to do the job.

While it may appear that tree removal is a job that involves more strength than skill, it is actually a highly technical technique that must be addressed with caution if it is to be accomplished safely. Our arborists are all highly qualified and experienced professionals who are more than capable of completing tree removal projects promptly and effectively.

If you’d like our expert opinion on whether tree removal is necessary or whether there is another course of action that can be taken to save your tree, we’d be happy to inspect the specimen that’s causing you problems, perform a full tree risk assessment, and advise you on the best course of action.

We’ve worked with thousands of trees over the years – and removed a lot of them – and as fully licenced tree surgeons, you can count on us to give you an unbiased and knowledgeable advice no matter what the situation is.