Tree Power Pro provide a full range of tree management services, including tree trimming, thinning, and pruning for all types of trees. It might be difficult for an untrained gardener to keep young and mature trees healthy, but with the help of frequent maintenance performed by properly qualified and experienced tree surgeons, the process can be made much easier. If you are concerned about the appearance of your garden trees, it is highly recommended that you have them evaluated by a professional arborist. Formative tree trimming of young specimens and maintenance tree pruning of older specimens will ensure that your trees not only stay healthy but also look great.

Although your trees will thrive without human intervention for the most part, preventative care is the best way to preserve their long-term health. Unless you have a lot of experience, hiring a professional tree surgeon, which is where we come in, is the best way to ensure that this maintenance is done safely and successfully. We are tree trimming and shaping experts: each member of our team has earned professional certifications and has worked for customers in Sydney and the surrounding area for many years. We are intimately familiar with all of the popular local species and understand the unique problems faced by gardeners in Sydney.

The majority of the maintenance work we do may be divided into three types of services.

Tree trimming – we do tree trimming for clients in various parts of Perth to prevent encroachment and ensure right of way in situations where this is required. When your trees are in close proximity to a power line, for example, trimming may be necessary.

Pruning – rather than for aesthetic or functional reasons, tree pruning is done to ensure the health of the specimens in question. If there is a potential of harm or injury from falling branches, however, prophylactic tree pruning can be done to eliminate the risk.

Thinning – this involves the removal of a number of the smaller branches in the crown of a tree and is usually performed in order to encourage an even branch structure and uniform foliage growth. In other words, thinning can help to ensure that your trees stay in the best possible shape.