Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed, don’t be left with an unsightly stump on your property. Tree stumps are not only unsightly to most people, but they can also be a tripping danger for youngsters running through yards or careless joggers in parks.

Make sure that any tree removals on your property involve stump grinding or removal by Perth Arbor Services. We are perfectly able to manage any stump, at any time, as one of the many services we provide. We can grind down even the densest of stumps to below ground level using a powerful stump grinder with a high-speed cutting disc, ensuring that it poses no harm to people or pets in the area.

There are several reasons to consider having tree stumps removed from your property, the most essential of which are given here.

Preventing New Growth — Stumps that are left behind can often sprout new growth, needing further removal at a later date. This will not be a problem if they are ground down to a level below the area on which they are positioned.

Removal of a Potential Trip Danger – As previously stated, a stump left in place after a tree has been removed can be a trip hazard, especially for youngsters and pets. They don’t represent a threat once they’ve been thoroughly ground down.

Getting Rid of an Inconvenient Obstacle –Mowing grass might be tough when there are stumps in the midst of the lawn. You may address this possible issue at a very low cost by engaging our skilled team, which specialises in tree stump grinding in Perth.

Making Sure Insects Aren’t a Problem – Termites, ants, beetles, and other tree-boring insects are attracted to decaying tree stumps, therefore it’s best to get rid of them as soon as possible. While termites and other insects may not be a concern in your yard, they can do significant harm if they spread to surrounding properties.

Making Room for New Landscaping Initiatives – Whether you want to create a new flower bed in your garden or install a beautiful water feature, a giant tree stump in the incorrect spot can easily get in the way.


With years of stump grinding experience in Sydney, we are capable of taking on even the most complex assignments. Tree Power Pro can grind down any stump, no matter where it is or how large it is. For more information or to obtain a competitive quote, call now.