Tree Removal


Expert Tree Removal in Sydney

Tree removal is something that needs to be done cautiously in order to maintain the standard of your home and gardens. At Tree Power Pro, we have highly qualified arborists that are fully aware of this. So with our skills and vast experiences, coupled with our up-to-date equipment, we ensure that we help you remove your tree without causing any damage to your property or garden and in the process, we maintain our high standards of safety as well as care. We provide this services within the metropolitan area of Sydney (Council Names will come here).

Why Does The Tree Need to Go?

Tress need to be removed for a couple of reasons actually. These may include:

  • Since all trees have a finite lifespan, they will reach a stage where their roots will grow to the extent that they can’t be pruned to reduce the hazard, thereby causing damage to the foundation of buildings around. When they reach this stage, the cheapest and most optimal way of handling this is to remove them.
  • When trees are dead, there’s no need to leave them there. The only option is to remove them. Sometimes, even diseases can cause for the removal of trees. Such diseases could start from dripping of leaves, which is a major hazard to the safety of the environment.
  • Sometimes, trees are removed when they are not needed in that location. For instance, building a structure and the tree will affect the plan.

For those living in the rural areas, you can contact us for our professional tree removing services or vegetation clearing services, as we can help stop bush fires which is an idea threat to your property in the hot Australian summers.

The 10/50 rule states that you may get rid of trees that fall within 10 metres range of your property, and any other underlying shrubbery that falls within 50 metres, without having to look for an official approval.

Getting more information on this rule will be very helpful. There’s an online tool that will also help you determine if you live within the 10/50 rule entitlement area. This can be found by clicking here.

We are fully aware that the tree removal option is the last resort to fall to. However, there are instances where it is necessary. Our team of professional arborists will assist you with the assessment as to whether it is the only option left or not, by following the factors that determine the removal of trees. These can be because the trees are:

  • On private or council property
  • In confined spaces
  • In natural areas (bush land)
  • In proximity to power lines
  • Dead or dangerous

Tree removal is an activity that is only done when the proper channel of submitting written undertaken to the relevant authorities is passed through. Click here for more information on how to obtain Council Approval.