Stump Grinding

With the help of our high-level equipment, our experts can partake in stump grinding, which is basically grinding the visible tree stump to a level below the ground level.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Grinding and Removal of Tree Stump

Tree Power Pro also offers stump removal services plus stump grinding as well. Before we begin, our professionals will assess the site so as to know the kind of tools needed to maintain the safety of your property. With the help of our equipment (both hand-held stump grinding machine or larger machines powered by diesel), we can remove any stump; big or small. We will be able to remove stumps from any part of your house.

The Process and Advantages of Removal

For some of the reasons below, we will gladly recommend stump removal:

  • Stumps can serve as homes for white ants or termite colonies which if not taken care of, will pose a threat to your structure.
  • They can also cause serious injuries when someone trips on them. Especially children.
  • To preserve the healthy nature of some of the trees or vegetation around, it is also advisable to remove stumps because they can hold mildew-like or fungal diseases like Armillaria or Phytophthora.
  • Stumps should also be removed in order to preserve the beauty of the environs of the house.

We always consider safety as a priority when conducting such jobs, so before we start, we will conduct a Job Safety Analysis to locate and remove any potential hazards. Then by utilizing our equipment that are regularly tested for safety, and working in according with the latest Australian Workplace Health and Safety standards, we will grind the remains of the tree and remove it.

We typically grind your stub to a minimum depth of 300mm. Although, we can grind as deep as 600mm based on request made by you.