Tree Root Management Services

Right now, metropolitan communities are focusing on sustainability which has resulted in making tree preservation very important. Reducing the incidence of tree removal and infrastructure damage, root barriers and selective pruning protects and prolong the life of valuable natural assets.

To make sure that the property is insured against future damage, proactive root barriers are installed right before the tree starts maturing. Our team of experts will take a scope of the entire tree work.

As an essential part of a tree, the roots help in providing anchorage of the tree to the soil, plus they are the means by which the trees get nutrients.

Natural disasters such as erosion, drought, soil compaction, trenching and even changes in the level of the soil can result to damages to the roots of the tree. These can also be troublesome when damages are caused to the underground services, walls and footpaths close to the tree. The fastest way to help protect your trees is by starting with the roots.

We can track and locate underground roots even without digging by simply making use of the Tree Radar Unit (TRU). As an application of Ground Penetrating Radar, TRU is a procedure that has been used for over 30 years all over the world. This technology has been so useful to us because apart from locating underground roots, we also use it to know the depth of the roots.

Builders, engineers and architects value this information because it aids them in knowing the specific place to dig, build or trench on without having to damage important root systems.