Mulch Supply and Wood Chipping

In order to improve and maintain soil conditions, we make use of some external materials by putting them over the soil. These external materials are called mulches and the process is one thing that a homeowner ought to do to preserve the health of the tree. When applied properly, mulches can greatly help in enhancing the beauty of the landscape. However, applying them in the wrong way can cause serious damages to the tree and other landscape plants as well.

Some major advantages of applying mulches properly include:

  • To minimize evaporation rate and helping to preserve the moisture of the soil, hence, the need to continuously water the plants will be reduced
  • When properly applied, mulches can help in reducing weeds
  • As a nature’s blanket, mulches help in regulating the temperature of the soil. When it’s hot, they make the soil cooler and vice versa.
  • Over time, lots of mulches could enhance soil structure and aeration.
  • Some mulches can improve soil fertility.
  • A layer of mulch can inhibit certain plant diseases.
  • As a way of reducing some mechanical damage to the tree, it is usually advisable to apply mulches around them because they help in facilitating maintenance.
  • Mulch can give planting beds a uniform, well cared for look.

Our services cover the recycling of recyclable tree matter and afterwards, regenerate them back into the environment through raw mulch for gardens.