In urban environments trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) which are orders coined by Local councils for their local areas. These orders affect private properties as well.

The main purpose of creating TPO is to enhance and properly manage trees that fall within their local areas of which someone requires to take consent for actions which are liable to affect the landscape and health of that area.

It is very important to go through the TPO of that particular area prior to commencing work there because just as all areas aren’t the same, same applies to the TPOs. Yu can get a copy of your council’s TPO by clicking here.

There are still places where consent may not be required, but you won’t know until you consult your council’s TPO. They can even advise you to consult an arborist and will tell you what you should do in regards to your tree.

You will need to write an application to the appropriate bodies or organizations in places where consent is required. Note that this might come with a fee.