24/7 Emergency Tree Removal in Sydney

When it comes to emergency tree removal services, this could involve the removal of trees that are in the way of electric lines or branches that are dislodged or damaged or for trees that aren’t structurally sound. These conditions often pose great danger to the safety of those living in that area. These jobs are mostly difficult to handle, but we handle them. We have been doing this for 15 years.

Superb Tree Management Skills

For quite some time, Tree Power Pro has worked hand-in-hand with the SES (State Emergency Services) in terms of responding to emergency calls efficiently and swiftly. We have a team of employees that are specialized in storm damage removal since it is a different skill from the normal tree work we do. When you call for an emergency tree removal, we will carry out a Job Safety Analysis so as to locate and eliminate any potential hazard, hence, ensuring safe work procedures. We believe in a hands on approach and because of that, we are flexible on the go. For instance, if a stump needs to be removed during the emergency, we will employ our stump removal services and that stump will be handled appropriately.

Getting Ready with Pruning

With the constant change in the weather, like the extreme weather conditions, the need for emergency tree removal is becoming a normal thing. This is because, such weather contributes in damaging trees, especially those ones that aren’t strong enough to handle harsh conditions. Hence, the need to give a call to professional emergency tree removal experts is a necessity, especially during the months of winter. As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”, you will need to consider tree pruning, tree removal and maintenance in order to prevent damages caused by heavy storms or powerful lightning surges. Pruning during the months of winter on large trees can help in safeguarding the trees against emergency tree removal.